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Lectures on classical homeopathy

Seminars on naturopathy and alternative medicine by Elisabeth Delago, M.D., for personal training in homeopathy.

If you are interested in the listed lecture topics, health centers, communities, schools, associations or private individuals are welcome to contact me. If desired, the lectures can also be held online.

First aid through homeopathy
Introduction to homeopathy
Treat sick children naturally
Homoeopathic treatment of children's diseases and acute infections
Treat sick children homeopathically
Homoeopathy and conventional medicine: against one another or with one another?
Many people think that homoeopathy is inappropriate for first aid. But that's a misconception. Homeopathic acute and emergency treatment is a fast, gentle, safe and side-effect-free method. This is a helpful addition to the usual emergency medicine. The correct application of homeopathy allows the injured person to heal more quickly, gently and safely. In general, homeopathic patients recover much quicker after surgery than patients who have not received this therapy. In many instances, the correct use of homeopathic medicines eliminates the need for analgesics and antibiotics. The right homeopathic medicine helps amazingly fast and gently.
Homeopathy is a holistic treatment method that considers the condition of the body, mind and spirit. The homeopathic treatment method was founded by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) and it has now proven itself for over two hundred years. For many individuals and physicians, homeopathic granules, globules, drops and tablets are essential in treatment. Although its efficacy is not scientifically proven, homeopathy enjoys great popularity - along the lines of Schüßler salts and Bach flowers.
More and more parents are using natural treatments like compresses, teas and homeopathy for their children's health. Because with these cures, many illnesses can be treated gently and without side effects. Homeopathy not only improves serious skin diseases and recurrent infections in children, but above all anxiety and behavioural disorders. In everyday life, the effect of homeopathic globules can be quickly observed in accidents, injuries and bleeding. After many years of treating many patients with homeopathic medications, I am still amazed at what these little globules can do.
In particular through homeopathy, sick children are gently accompanied during acute febrile illnesses, so that any complaints occurring are well tolerated and there are no complications. The feeling of illness and pain is quickly improved by homeopathic therapy and in most of the cases we get out of it without other medications. Of course, parents should be able to observe well and describe the symptoms of the disease in order to choose an effective homeopathic remedy that works quickly and gently.
Homeopathy helps to treat numerous diseases gently and without side effects. Especially in children, not only serious skin diseases and recurrent infections, but especially fears and behavioural disorders are quickly improved. On a day-to-day basis, the effect of homeopathic globules can be quickly observed in accidents, injuries and bleeding. After several years of treating many patients with homeopathic medication, I am still amazed at what these small globules can do.
Undoubtedly, conventional medicine can do many things technically and is extremely important, for example in the treatment of pain or in surgical areas. However, when it comes to chronic diseases, the maps are often rather poor. My observations and those of many colleagues show that homeopathy can often help people well here. It raises much more intensive questions about the "why" and the "how" and the modalities. It asks for anything that influences the improvement or aggravation of the symptoms of the illness. Not only the physical complaints, but also the emotional and mental characteristics play a decisive role in finding the remedy. Homeopathy sees the human being in its entirety.

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