Dr.med. Elisabeth Delago

“A carefully selected homeopathic medicine
cures quickly, gently and safely even
severe acute and chronic diseases
for which otherwise only relief
but no cure is possible.

Homoeopathy strives for permanent recovery,
not for temporary healing success.”

- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
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Homeopathy means curing similar with similar

Homeopathic medicines are successfully used for allergies, neurodermatitis, pregnancy complaints, migraine or for injuries.

What is homeopathy?

More than 200 years ago, the physician Samuel Hahnemann founded modern homeopathy by formulating what is called the rule of similarity.

Similia similibus curentur The law of similar teaches that each homeopathic remedy observed experimentally has certain properties to produce a set of symptoms upon healthy human beings. When these symptoms match a natural disease, it acts as a therapeutic agent and helps the body to correct the disorder.

Potentiation Plant and animal substances, along with minerals, are diluted and shaken, making them even more energetic.

Single agent prescription In classical homeopathy, only one remedy is used at a time. Only when the effect of that remedy is exhausted or fails to show the desired success, another is chosen.

Constitution treatment According to all individual characteristics (mental and physical symptoms), the most similar homeopathic remedy (simile) is chosen.

Where can homeopathy help?

A carefully selected homeopathic medicine quickly, gently and safely cures even severe acute and chronic diseases for which otherwise only relief but no cure is possible.
"Homeopathy strives for permanent recovery, not temporary healing success."

For children • Recurrent inflammation of ears, tonsils and bladder
• Acute and chronic skin diseases, neurodermatitis, warts
• Colic and sleep disorders
• Behavioral problems and school difficulties
• Developmental disorders and bedwetting

For adults • Consequences after injuries, accidents and operations
• Chronic joint and back pain, herniated discs
• Functional disorders, including migraine, anxiety, psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders.
• Allergic diseases, such as hay fever, bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, eczema and psoriasis

For women • Pregnancy and breastfeeding complaints
• Recurrent bladder and vaginal infections
• Menstrual disorders, menstrual and menopausal symptoms

Case studies

Inflammations, skin diseases, allergies, behavioral disorders, gynecological disorders, Covid-19,...

Read on the basis of different cases, how my treatment has been effective and what successes could be realized with it.

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In my lectures I impart knowledge about the use of homeopathy as an effective treatment. A great chance to learn more about alternative healing methods.

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My scientific papers have been published in various journals.

The research and contributions have helped to deepen the understanding of homeopathy and its application.

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