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all the evils, all the nightmares, all the things
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They are opportunities to grow
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- Elisabeth Kübler Ross
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Successful testimonials with homeopathy

Some case studies from Dr.med. Elisabeth Delago's practice where children and adults were cured by homeopathic remedies.

Psoriasis, psoriasis, allergy

A 26-year-old who works as a mason has been suffering from psoriasis with severe itching all over his body for several years. Despite weeks of cortisone treatment, skin gets worse and itchiness gets worse. He also reports digestive problems related to food intolerance to milk, alcohol and sugar, as well as allergies to pollen and animal dander. He sweats abundantly throughout his body with every little effort and is very sensitive to heat.
Approximately 1 month after the administration of a well-chosen homeopathic medicine, there is a marked improvement in the condition of the skin. A chronic skin condition, like other chronic diseases, can be cured with a well-chosen homeopathic medicine. In this case, it is advisable to stop the cortisone treatment where possible. Such treatments require considerable patience and perseverance from patients and therapists. However, we experience daily that such deep chronic diseases can be significantly improved and cured with homeopathy.


Dyshidrotic eczema, itching rash with blisters on hands and feet

Doris arrived at my practice at the age of 5 with clear and very irritating blisters on the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. The skin is crackled and very inflamed and complains of severe pain each time it appears. For months, the dermatologist has been giving her a local treatment with different creams, including cortisone, with short-term improvement, but overall the skin gradually worsens. Doris is a strong-willed girl, she knows exactly what she wants. She has always reacted strongly to vaccinations and is generally very sensitive to certain foods, like milk and sweets. At night she is always very warm and cannot cover up.
After administering an appropriate homeopathic remedy there is a significant improvement and after 1 month the skin on the soles of the feet is almost cured.
Once a year I see the patient when the skin deteriorates again. After 2 years I changed the homeopathic remedy after the former made no improvement. This one worked promptly and long term. The observation period is now seven years.
Chronic skin diseases are cured only by a constitutional remedy selected in accordance with the overall physical and psychological symptoms.


Warts (Verruceae vulgaris)

Anna, 6, comes due to warts on the back of her hand, which have increased over the last 2 years and all conventional remedies are of no help. The detailed homoeopathic history shows a sensitive, timid and uncertain child. She is very sensitive to coldness and has very specific cravings, with aversion to onions and garlic. She is very susceptible to infections and still has bet-wetting at night.
I gave her a homeopathic constitutional remedy and within two weeks all the warts were gone. Since that time, she hasn't had warts in 10 months. The remaining complaints, such as bedwetting, have also improved significantly over the coming weeks.
In homeopathic therapy of warts, there is no "cure for warts". To heal them, we need a homeopathic constitutional remedy, which is selected on the basis of all physical and mental symptoms.


Barleycorn (Hordeolum)

For 2 years Maria has had recurrent styes on her eye. In addition, several warts on the soles of her feet. She's a sensitive and shy girl. So far, she has had many eruptions on her hands and folds of her joints. She has an allergy to milk.
After a detailed anamnesis, the appropriate homeopathic constitutional remedy is given. In a few days, the barn disappeared and, in a few weeks, the warts on the soles of the feet disappeared.
Complaints that occur again and again we call chronic. These can only be cured with a profound homoeopathic remedy. In the initial homeopathic history, physical and psychological particularities are posed and these point towards a suitable individual remedy.


Ulcus cruris (ulcer)

75-year-old patient with ulcer cruris on the left ankle for several months. After a detailed anamnesis, the administration of a suitable homeopathic remedy was followed by a clear improvement of the skin findings after only 3 weeks. Other conditions, such as stomach aches, headaches and mood, have improved dramatically. After 4 weeks, another dose was needed because the pain got worse again.
Even very painful serious and chronic diseases can be homeopathically improved at any age. This requires a proper constitutional remedy.

Neurodermatitis (Atopic Eczema)

Luis, ten months old, comes to my medical office because of severe itching and eczema on his face. All creams up to now have brought only a short-term improvement. Moreover, he has had digestive problems with flatulence and constipation since he was born. He sweats a lot during the night on the neck. He is highly sensitive to cold and vulnerable to infection. Luis is a content, calm, easy to care for child who likes to observe.
After a well-chosen homeopathic constitutional remedy, there is a quick improvement, despite the discontinuation of cortisone.


Impetigo Contagiosa (highly infectious bacterial skin disease)

Nadia, 2 years old, has had increasing impetigo on her face for 10 days. Since that time, she's been very irritable and provocative. At night, she cries desperately and is barely able to calm down. Over the past few weeks, she has had recurrent infections of the middle ear, which have been treated several times with antibiotics. At night she sweats heavily all over her body. There are a number of allergic skin conditions in the family.
After administration of a well-chosen homeopathic remedy, significant improvement occurs already the next day and complete healing takes place after 10 days.
Skin diseases can be treated very well homeopathically, whereby not only the local findings, the skin findings are considered, but the whole person with his physical and psychological characteristics. From this, one selects a suitable homeopathic remedy, which we call constitutional remedy.


Strained ligament, torn ankle ligament

20-year-old Verena injuries her left ankle by twisting it. This swells up strongly and is blue discolored and very painful.
Repeated administration of Arnica C 200 results in significant improvement in a few days.
Arnica montana is the cure of choice for all types of injuries like bruises, dislocations, bruises, concussions and after surgery. It should be present in every emergency pharmacy.

Concussion (Commotio cerebri)

18-year-old Ines fell while skiing and hit her head. The headaches that had been present since then got worse and worse, so that hospitalization became necessary. The performed magnetic resonance imaging of the head was unremarkable and Ines was discharged with painkillers.
For several weeks, these headaches did not improve, Ines was no longer able to attend school because of the pain. Another examination in the hospital showed no indication of a brain hemorrhage.
After administration of hypericum in high potency, there was an improvement in a short time and after 2 days she was able to go back to school without any symptoms.
Hypericum is the "nervarnica", our best remedy for injuries to the nerves and spinal cord with stabbing and shooting pains.

Muscle strain, muscle tear

A 40-year-old athlete injures her left calf during alpine skiing, a sudden acute pain in the calf muscle.
The immediate administration of Calendula C200 quickly brings significant improvement.
Calendula is the first homeopathic remedy for muscle tears and strains, as well as for abrasions and wound infections.

Migraine (chronic headache), menstrual pain, depressive mood

For years, 35-year-old Melanie has suffered from weekly severe headaches that are always especially bad before her period. The period itself is irregular, accompanied by severe pain. Melanie is very sensitive to criticism, takes everything very personally and is depressed. The family doctor suggested antidepressants, but she does not want to take them.
After the one-time administration of a well-chosen homeopathic remedy, Melanie quickly feels very well, "such lightness" she has not experienced for a long time and the headaches have completely disappeared. After 2 months she becomes more depressed again and the headaches return. A repeated administration of the homeopathic remedy quickly brings improvement.
Many complaints in women such as headaches, period pains, unfulfilled desire to have children, mood swings can be treated with a well-chosen homeopathic remedy. This is selected based on the totality of physical and psychological symptoms observed during the initial homeopathic anamnesis.

Jealousy, fear

Since the birth of his little sister, 3-year-old Manuel is unrecognizable. He is aggressive, bites, hits and provokes at every little thing. The aggression is directed especially against the mother, but also the little sibling cannot be let out of sight for a second, because otherwise he will hit and scratch. He has also become very restless and impatient.
After the administration of the right homeopathic remedy Manuel quickly calms down and is balanced again. Jealousy is very complex, because it involves several feelings: Helplessness, shame, fear and anger. The common cause of jealousy and envy is, among other things, a self-esteem deficit. Homeopathically we can wonderfully help the child with such behavioral disorders.

Aggression, hyperactivity (ADHD), conduct disorder

The 9-year-old Hannes is highly aggressive at home as well as at school, constantly bothering and knocking, so that a peaceful interaction with him is not possible. The integration in a class group was impossible, so he was placed in the 3rd grade during school time on a farm with a few children. He also suffered from frequent infections, toothache and sleep problems. A number of homeopathic medicines have not been successful.
After administration of the last remedy, his behavior improved within a few weeks, so that he was able to attend normal school again, and coexistence in the family was also more peaceful. "Like a miracle," said the mother. Sometimes, with such serious behavioural problems, repeated checks are necessary until the most similar homeopathic remedy is found and a significant improvement occurs.
For these profound chronic complaints, only a very appropriate homeopathic remedy that covers the totality of mental as well as physical symptoms will work.

Fears, panic

Marco, aged ten, refuses to go to school. Since the Corona pandemic, he's been terribly worried about getting sick. He avoids any contact with his friends and prefers to stay in the house. In school, he's the only one who still wears the mask, scared of infection. Until now, he was an open-minded but also very committed boy. Everything must be very precise, order is very important to him. He's been being treated psychologically for weeks.
A few days after a single administration of a homeopathic constitutional remedy, the anxiety improves significantly, he goes back to school and meets with friends. In the last months two repetitions of the remedy were necessary, when the fears had worsened again, with a marked improvement following the administration of the homeopathic remedy each time.
Fears about health and disease as well as panic attacks are very deep disorders and limit our patients' everyday lives. In addition to psychological care, homoeopathy can be a wonderful help here.

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